Check out some cute ways to ask someone out

Surprise her/him

We’ve all had a crush on someone at one time or another. We dreamed of asking them out and hoping that they say the magic word which is yes of course. I mean this is someone you really like so you want to make a good impression. There are plenty of cute ways to ask someone out. You just need to figure out which one works for you.


If you’re a guy you could find out what her favorite candy and flowers are from her friends or co-workers. Then you can surprise her with them and ask her out. You can never go wrong with that kind of stuff. Women love to be surprised and love pretty flowers and yummy candy. Write her a love song and perform it to her then ask her out.


Buy her a talking teddy bear and record yourself asking her out. You could even bake her some cupcakes or brownies. Send a note with wine and chocolates to her home. Then if all else fails, try giving her a balloon bouquet. Get her balloons in her favorite colors.


Then fill the balloons with candy and little-stuffed animals. In one of the balloons put a note inside asking her out. Leave it some place and where she’ll find it and surprise her.


Remember there’s no shame!


If you’re a woman there’s no shame in asking a guy out. When he leaves his desk at work, you could put a note on his desk asking him out. Give him a flirty smile as he walks by too. Another way to ask him out is over the phone. If you’ve been talking to each other for quite some time and he has already given you his number you should use it.


Sounds scary but once you feel comfortable enough just ask him. Also, you could ask him your crush out by email. That’s an unusual way to ask a person out but it doesn’t hurt to try. If he’s a big football or basketball fan, write you name and number on the ball and give it to him. Leave a little present on his desk.


It can be a small box with a note inside stating your name, number, and information about an upcoming movie at the theater or a fancy place to eat.


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