Date Night Ideas for Couples

Date night for couples is something married couples usually look forward to especially if they have children. It’s a time when they can sit and do ‘grown-up’ stuff together and away from their daily routine.

In order to keep the fire burning, it’s important to spend time with someone special. What you are doing doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that you are doing it together in order to maintain that well-deserved chemistry that a marriage should be based on.

For all, you care you could go into a gas station, buy a number of cheap boxes of wine and call it wine tasting. That’s the beauty about being smitten. Anything can be amusing and amazing. Well, let’s have a look at some date night ideas which can maintain and make your romance truly flourish.

  1. Renting out a restaurant for your date night

Now, if you are married and really want some quality time together, this is one of the most romantic ideas you could ever pull off. Imagine how your wife would feel. Imagine walking into the restaurant and you get to be treated like VIPs all the way. If you weren’t getting some, this will definitely be a ticket to vagina land.

You don’t always have to go to your local pub. Just surprise your woman with such ‘bank breaking’ gestures once in a while. Now if she loves her drink, then rent her a small club where you can drink all you want, stop being parents for the night and just let loose as you dance the night away. Plus seeing as its just the two of you, you can add some kink to it by having sex in the ladies bathroom. I feel hot already ;-).

  1. Catch an open-air flick

This can be super romantic especially if the weather works to your favor. Pick one that is showing some nice retro film that you both love. Don’t forget to pack up some sandwiches and some drinks and a flannel blanket to cover yourselves. You might need it when you let your fingers do the walking on each other as you spend the evening in the open air.

  1. An artsy classy affair

Have you ever considered theater arts evening? Now that is some true romance especially if you opt for an event that has some divine music and costumes. If you are real theater people, then go for a play.

The beauty with attending such theater art events is you both get the chance to dress up and impress one another. To make it fun, the husband can go earlier and leave the wife getting dolled up then have her picked up so that you can experience that “wow” effect.

  1. Wine tasting

Now if both of you are the refined kind of couple or want to experience that, then some wine tasting tour can be something you can both enjoy. It can make one unforgettable date.

  1. Watch the flirty morning sunrise

A date night doesn’t have to end at night. You can extend your night and add some excitement to it by waking up early to watch the sunrise. Carry a warm blanket and cuddle as you enjoy this romantic moment together. Then you can go back inside and have some lovely breakfast. Then head on to the bedroom or take a cozy nap in front of the TV.

The thing with date nights is that these moments together have a way of bringing back some spark into marriage. Plus, the above is applicable to dating for single moms. So if you are dating one, then consider some of these date night for couples ideas.

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