Are Single Mothers Doomed?

What are some of the reliable single moms dating tips one can follow to get back on to the dating game?

Being a mom, even when you have a spouse to assist you here and there can be quite hectic. Juggling taking care of your kids and working in order to provide for them is can be pretty intense and stressful.

The thing is, everyone feels lonely sometimes. And if it wasn’t your wish to be a single mom (maybe you became widowed or divorced), it can get pretty lonely and scary that’s for sure. There is usually this hope that someday, you will get a man, or woman to share your life with… hopefully, this second time around it will be for keeps.

In the case of divorce, for instance, getting back on the dating game can take a while. What holds divorced moms back is that they see their divorces as failures and are afraid to fail again. Well, divorce is not a failure. It shows strength. And there are a lot of women in miserable relationships just because they are scared of being alone.

Now, just because you are a mother doesn’t mean that you should let your social life go down the drain. Everyone deserves to be with someone who loves and cares for them. And being a single mom, you probably want a father figure for your child or children, and a little help in raising them.

You might be asking yourself: “What kind of dude in his right mind would even consider dating a woman who has kids?” And then there is the other fear of being out of the dating game for too long. You might be worried that it’s probably too late for you to get into the game because things have changed too much.

Well if you are a single mom with this kind of mentality, then you are missing out on a lot of fun.

You are not in a penalty box when it comes to dating.

I am here to tell you, being a single mom isn’t a death sentence in the dating world.  There are so many men, both with and without kids who fall any single mom just because of their personalities and the fact that they made a real connection with them. Again, there are so many men who would love you and treat your children as their own. ‘

As for times changing… Yes! The dating world has changed. But trust me, the meeting game has been made easier, thanks to online dating and the numerous dating sites that have sprung up over the years at your disposal.

Don’t limit yourself to Single Mom dating sites.

You have searched the internet and are probably spoilt for choice. Now, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go on a site exclusive to single parents dating. My advice is to put yourself out there on a level playing field. Look for well-established sites with a wider coverage like an interracial dating site.

On an interracial dating site, the chances of meeting men are higher because the membership is large and very diverse in terms of race and location. No limits whatsoever. Here you will find a man who is really interested in dating you… Not a man who is specifically looking for a single mom to date just because he is probably too lazy to be there full time for a woman with no kids. Here you will be guaranteed that when a man begins to talk to you, he is doing so because there is something he really likes about you.

How to get started.

The key here is to start out slow. And with your busy schedule, the best most effective and most time efficient way to do it is registering on a dating site. Online dating gives one full control of the pace at which you want things to move.

The advantage of being on an interracial dating site is that you don’t limit yourself to one person at once. You can cast a wider net, date a bunch of guys and once you establish a great connection with someone, that’s the time you decide to go exclusive. Doing this will allow you to compare and contrast as you weed off those who don’t fit the cut.

Now you may be having insecurities about how you look. Well, here is a tip, if you feel that way, do something about it. Go get a simple makeover and have a friend take a great photo of you to use on your profile. Remember, don’t forget to mention that you have a kid or kids on your profile. If a man really likes you, he needs to know he should accept the whole package.

The key is to be yourself and be open and willing to have a social life. Take your time. Use all those features on dating sites to contact as many men as you can. And if you get a date, dress up for it and just be yourself.

One of the greatest single moms dating tips to remember is: He already knows you are a single mom so take that off your mind, be you and have fun dating.


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