Things to Make your Day Fabulous

One thing that moms are pressed for is time.

If there’s one thing moms are short on, it’s time. There are times you get behind the wheel, look at yourself in the mirror and wonder “How the hell did I leave the house looking like this?”

Well, if you walk in on a mother at home and find her hair looking like a tornado hit her, believe me, it’s not her fault. Even stay at home moms want to look gorgeous all the time… but time….

That said, it’s also no excuse to put yourself down. The more you let yourself go, the more you start having those feelings of “I am not beautiful enough”.  All it takes to feel good is to look good too. Taking some time to spruce yourself a bit can be a great self-esteem booster.

Since there is the time factor to consider, we need to keep our beauty regimen easy and snappy. Plus, we also need to incorporate it into one’s busy day. Well here are some simple beauty tips for a fabulous day that you can follow.  Whether it’s dashing out for a quick date, work, or just chilling, you can look as gorgeous as the single women you admire with a little amount of effort.

1. Prepare your day at night.

There are a lot of things you can do at night to make things easier for you. When all is done and the kids are down, take your long bath or shower. This is the time when you can do things like shaving your legs, putting a moisturizing conditioner on your head and even applying that night eye cream which will make you look fresh in the morning. And what’s left for you to do in the morning will be a walk-over.

  1. Hair is everything…

A good haircut or hairdo is important. If there is one thing that can help you pull off a no make-up face is a great hairdo. Get a cut that is simple to maintain. Go have your hair braided so that all you have to do is just tie it up in a jiffy.

The good thing with hair is, you only need to visit your hair stylist at least bi-weekly and you are sorted! And don’t forget to moisturize it.

3. Simple make-up

If you are just staying at home, a little eyeliner and some colored lip-gloss should work if you are pressed for time. And a great moisturizing gloss is something you can walk around with as you do your chores. But when you have time, up it a bit with some mascara and foundation. This will definitely compliment that hairdo you got last weekend.

  1. Have well-manicured polished nails.

Just like hair, you can get a manicure even once a month. One thing you gotta make sure is not to have chipped nail polish. It’s a sign of laziness. Invest in some nail polish remover and a quick drying nail polish to retouch your nails at home when they get chipped.

The thing is, in order to hack it as a mother, you have to learn to take a few shortcuts. Hope those few beauty tips for a fabulous day will go a long way to lift your spirits and feel good about yourself every single day.

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