Too Old for Sexy?

There is nothing like being too old to be sexy. Sexy for women begins at 40 that’s for sure.


A lot of women usually get scared of their ages. They hide them… the mark time…. A woman can be 30 for the rest of her life, so long as the looks allow it. Now one thing for sure is that most women age like fine wine. And its true testament that age is just but a number.


Demi Moore, Sharon Stone… Is it plastic surgery or just aging well…? I will definitely go for the latter. Women at their prime and still maintaining sexy.

sexinessNo woman should feel ugly a year later. I am approaching 40 and I think I feel sexier because I am more confident about who I am. Yes, I may have to use some eye cream every night (and morning) but at least I am consciously taking care of my body. I eat well and exercise. I am really sexy. And given my age, I am feeling it. Every effort goes a long way.


The thing is, your age doesn’t define whether you are sexy or not. It’s all about how you feel. So if you feel sexy, then you will ooze sexy.


The thing with aging is, you can do something about how you look. And one thing to go about this is to dress better and even dress your age. If you wear some funny crop top meant for a teenager, trust me, you won’t look sexy at all. Sexy means being comfortable with your age and dressing appropriately.


Now, with age comes wisdom. And this wisdom extends to the bedroom. You know your way around a man. And if you want him screaming your name, scream he will. And she knows her own body so she won’t let you fumble with it. She is definitely going to guide you. And they know their orgasms and will masturbate to get them. Practice makes perfect!

passionate love making

One thing for sure is that men like older women. And single mothers can be sexy too. There is just something about them that makes them go roar!!! Emotional maturity is one of those things. They are in control of their hormones so, men prefer the fact that they got their sh** together. This is the kind of woman who is responsible for her own feelings.


Now if you are insecure about yourself… don’t be! Just enjoy your age. You will never be too old to be sexy.

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