Ways to Spice up your Sex Life

Looking for spicy sexy tips to ramp up that sex life of yours?

Well, after being together for a while, most couples get comfortable. They become so used to each other that their sex lives tend to suffer in the process. If you are such a couple, then you have come to the right place. This is someone you are probably having sex with for the rest of your life. So you need to look for things to do so that monogamy doesn’t become too boring.

Are you feeling doomed about your sex life? Here are some of the things to try out.

  1. Try watching porn together

Now, this is something that sometimes conservative women might find a bit degrading. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it. The porn you are watching doesn’t have to be too graphical. You can start small… start with some soft porn which doesn’t include people having threesomes.

This, however, needs a couple to be quite open about their sex life. Ask your husband what he likes and come to a compromise. The thing with porn is that no matter who you are, it will definitely get those juices and heat flow. Watch and try out some of the simple moves that are there and build up from there. The beauty is, you are watching it together.

  1. Don’t tie your sex life to the bedroom

    passionate couple

If you are open to your guy, ask him to have you while you are doing dishes or in front of the mirror. And if you manage to convince him, then go at it in some public place. Let sex be something that you can enjoy together despite the venue. Tabletops… nothing should limit you. Just devour and enjoy each other.

  1. Try mutual masturbation

Now, this can be quite exhilarating. Imagine watching your special someone doing it themselves as you do so yourself. It might seem weird but if you are comfortable with one another, then this is something you will both enjoy. Your round two moments of actual sex will be mind-blowing that’s for sure.

  1. Ever considered being tied up?

Now, this is something that you will both enjoy. Its all about giving the other person full control of your body. Now here, they get to do whatever they want to you. Plus, you could also try having quiet sex. No “Ooh Ohh and Aahs”. No sounds whatsoever. Just feel it. The intensity of having quiet sex is super concentrated and amazing. You are guaranteed you will enjoy every single thrust.

Whatever you choose to try out, just make sure both of you are ok with it. Plus try some anal sex if it isn’t too much or too gross for you. Just make sure there is lube, lube and more lube.


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