About Us

Being a mother in this day and age requires so much more than it used to in the past. With all the hectic tasks and all the fun tasks we have to do as mothers our daily lives are filled with things to do and not so much time for ourselves.

There are many types of mothers, from single moms to married-for-a-long-time moms, to working moms and to people of gigantic powers in general. We do everything for our children, but sometimes we forgot that we should take care of ourselves as well.

What our team wants to achieve is to offer a break for you from the real world with information that you can use and apply to your every-day life and try to make it a little bit better, word by word.

So, good luck with the race of raising your children and don’t hesitate to take some inspiration from us for the rest of your days. Don’t forget yourselves when it comes to your daily lives and smile as bright as your children.