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Ways to Spice up your Sex Life

sex life

Looking for spicy sexy tips to ramp up that sex life of yours? Well, after being together for a while, most couples get comfortable. They become so used to each other that their sex lives tend to suffer in the process. If you are such a couple, then you have come to the right place. […]

Too Old for Sexy?

sexy woman

There is nothing like being too old to be sexy. Sexy for women begins at 40 that’s for sure.   A lot of women usually get scared of their ages. They hide them… the mark time…. A woman can be 30 for the rest of her life, so long as the looks allow it. Now […]

Date Night Ideas for Couples

couple getting ready

Date night for couples is something married couples usually look forward to especially if they have children. It’s a time when they can sit and do ‘grown-up’ stuff together and away from their daily routine. In order to keep the fire burning, it’s important to spend time with someone special. What you are doing doesn’t […]

Are Single Mothers Doomed?

single mom

What are some of the reliable single moms dating tips one can follow to get back on to the dating game? Being a mom, even when you have a spouse to assist you here and there can be quite hectic. Juggling taking care of your kids and working in order to provide for them is […]